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Explore stories about our Canadian Coast Guard people in different roles across the country and their family histories.

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#CCGInTheFamily: Patty Colpitts family, generation, ccg, clerk, officer, vessel 2023-01-26
Reflecting on our history: The CCGS Pierre Radisson maiden voyage through the Northwest Passage in 1978 vessel, historical, ccg, north, icebreaker, tribute 2023-01-17
#CCGInTheFamily: Patrick Toomey and Family family, generation, ccg, cadet, officer 2022-11-23
#CCGInTheFamily: The Arbour Family family, generation, ccg, son, officer 2022-11-23
#CCGInTheFamily: The Madeiros-Bells, A Family of MCTS Officers family, generation, MCTS, officer 2022-07-20
Remembering the CGS Lambton on National Day of Mourning lambton, cgs, history, tragedy, Mourning, sinking, tribute 2022-04-01
#CCGInTheFamily: Evelyn Taylor and Allen Taylor family, career, training, festival 2022-06-30
#CCGInTheFamily: Marty and Cody Goliath family, college, graduate, student, school 2022-06-30
#CCGInTheFamily: The Scotts, Three Generations of Sailors family, sailors, father, son, generation 2022-05-16
#CCGInTheFamily: Melanie Silver, A Family of Lightkeepers family, generation, women, electrician 2022-05-16
#CCGInTheFamily: Father and Son, Randy and Murray J. Wongkee family, wongkee, father, son, generation 2022-03-11
#CCGInTheFamily: The Missons, Three Generations of MCTS Officers family, misson, generation, mcts 2022-02-07
#CCGInTheFamily: Don and Robb Wight family, don, robb, wight 2022-01-21
#CCGInTheFamily: Joanne Kane, A Combined 100 Years of Service to Canada family, joanne, kane, service 2021-12-01
#CCGInTheFamily: The Lundin Sisters family, lundin, sisters 2021-10-01
#CCGInTheFamily: The Morphet Family family, morphet 2021-08-01
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