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Videos related to the Canadian Coast Guard

Find videos on navigation, our fleet of vessels, careers, the Canadian Coast Guard College and our programs and services.

Title Date
CCGS Captain Molly Kool joins our fleet 2018-12-14
Oceans Protection Plan: Improving marine safety in the Arctic 2022-01-20
Oceans Protection Plan: Training with coastal First Nations in B.C. 2022-01-20
The Canadian Aids to Navigation System 2021-11-09
60 years of proudly serving our country 2022-03-09
How icebreaking works 2022-03-30
Practice ice safety 2022-04-06
Report Abandoned Boats 2022-04-19
Meet Officer Cadet Catherine Buschhaus 2022-05-19
Meet Officer Cadet Étienne Jacques 2022-05-19
Meet Officer Cadet Jérémie Lemoine 2022-05-19
Meet Officer Cadet Jason Schreiber 2022-05-19
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