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Meet Officer Cadet Catherine Buschhaus

Officer cadet talks about her marine navigation training at the Canadian Coast Guard College. Catherine Buschhaus is in the fourth year of the Officer Training Program. The program develops officers for the Canadian Coast Guard fleet.

Transcript: Meet Officer Cadet Catherine Buschhaus

Catherine Buschhaus: I chose the Coast Guard College because I aspired to be like some mariners who I really respect in my life.

Capture: Canadian Coast Guard College: Catherine Buschhaus

Catherine Buschhaus: Captain Bill Noon, who at the time, was captain of the icebreaker on the west coast, the Sir Wilfrid Laurier, he gave me a tour of the ship. It was fascinating to see that size of vessel and to see all the crew working to make their department contribute to the overall program of the vessel, which is fascinating. And then, he was the one who told me about the Coast Guard College.

So when I started the four-year program, I knew that four years would be a big commitment, and it would be a long time away from my family, and there definitely have been tough days and tough weeks, and there have been times that I have doubted whether I made the right decision.

To keep the balance during the tough academic times at the College, I really became involved in the local community. So, part of that was taking fiddle lessons with a Cape Breton fiddler.

When I play the violin, I feel like I have a smile that probably meets at the back of my head. I just feel alive when I play music.

I'm really proud and glad that I persevered because, in the end, I want to be serving in the fleet with a job in a very diverse marine environment, and so keeping the eye on the prize is what kept me going through.

I would say to first year cadet Catherine, the feeling of being in fourth year is better than you can imagine. [Laughs]

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