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Officer Training Program

This 4 year degree program is one of the best marine training programs in the world producing both Marine Engineering Officers and Marine Navigation Officers. It is where learning becomes life changing!

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Program information

Our Officer Training Program is an exciting post-secondary choice for youth.

Marine navigation

Study marine navigation and learn navigate ships, watchkeeping skills, search and rescue and environmental response procedures.

Marine engineering

This program will prepare you to become a marine engineer and will perfect your skills in watching, vessel maintenance and repairs.


Educational and admission requirements you need to apply this program.

Apply to the Officer Training Program

Start your career by applying to the 4 year officer training program.

Life as an officer cadet

Cadet life on campus, extracurricular activities, the code of conduct and opportunities for cadet advancement.

Academic calendar

Academic calendar for current and upcoming officer cadets.

Recruitment events schedule and registration

Events with our recruiters and students to learn more about the college.


Recruitment’s viewbook highlighting the key elements and requirements of the Officer Training Program.

Connect with a recruiter

Attend a live presentation or book an appointment to speak to a recruiter.

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