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Meet Officer Cadet Jason Schreiber

Marine Engineering programs develops marine engineering officers for the CCG Fleet. Marine Engineering officers are responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of all equipment and structures aboard Canadian Coast Guard vessels. They keep the main engines and auxiliary systems of the ship in good working order under the supervision of the vessel’s chief engineer.

Transcript: Meet Officer Cadet Jason Schreiber

Jason Schreiber: We had a six-month-old baby at the time that I came to the College.

The big jump of moving across the country was very, very challenging.

We decided that it would be the right thing to do because of what this life will give us in the long run.

You need to have a lot of good time management skill to make all of those dynamics work, but it’s doable.

And it seems like with the engineering programs, as the years go on, it’s proven time and time again that the group does it as a team.

And so as long as you have that team effort with them, you’re able to do it.

We’ll be watchkeeping engineers when we graduate, and it’s a very important role.

We will be responsible for the main engines, generators, all the electrical on the ship, the ventilation, air conditioning.

We’ll be responsible for making water to ensure that we have potable water on board, fire pumps, and we also have to maintain everything.

And when there are problems, we’ll have to troubleshoot those problems, fabricate parts if we need to.

It’s essentially a small little town that we’re maintaining.

We just live off-campus about a ten-minute walk away, and my wife and my baby and myself walk and look at the grass and look at the slugs, and he’s super excited about walking daddy to school.

It’s a really great morning for me because I get to spend a little bit of time with them in this busy program.

And so, it kind of edges out a little bit of time for us to have some time together and we bond a little bit and play and laugh and then they give me a kiss and off I go.

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