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Practice ice safety

Practice ice safety this winter. It is hard to tell the strength or thickness of ice by its appearance. Changing weather conditions can also affect ice from day to day. So remember, if in doubt, don't go out!

Transcript: Practice ice safety


Visual: An animated red and white Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker plows through ice-covered waters, heading off screen underneath the video title “Practice ice safety.”

Narrator: Practice ice safety this winter.

Visual: A frozen lake is shown from the perspective of the bow of the icebreaker. There are people walking on the ice near the shoreline and fishing huts on the horizon.

Narrator: While we’re breaking ice, it’s important for you to take steps to stay safe if you need to venture onto ice.

Visual: The icebreaker clears a path through the ice as it is shown head on.

Two people wearing blue and red winter clothing walk across the ice near the snowy shoreline, wearing matching snowshoes.

Two other people wearing blue and red winter clothing sit on chairs beside an ice fishing hut. The person in the blue outfit holds a fishing rod, with its line going into the water through a hole in the ice.

Narrator: Cracks in the ice can extend well beyond visible tracks from icebreakers.

Visual: Large cracks in the ice are shown before the view pans upward, revealing the icebreaker clearing a path and the snowshoers walking beside the cracks.

Narrator: Always check conditions before crossing ice.

Visual: The ice is shown in a close up. Two feet wearing red snowshoes enter the frame.

Narrator: Avoid travelling on ice at night or when visibility is bad.

Visual: The fishing huts are visible from the shoreline through dark lighting and a snowstorm.

Narrator: Avoid travelling on ice alone and be sure to carry a personal safety kit.

Visual: The snowshoers stand beside each other. The person wearing a blue outfit holds an open, orange safety kit. The view zooms in on the contents of the kit. It contains a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch, matches, a lighter, a whistle, and a pocket knife.

Narrator: Call 911 for emergencies.

Visual: The arm of the snowshoer in blue enters the frame holding a mobile phone. “911” is visible on the screen above the buttons. The snowshoer’s other hand enters the frame and presses the dial button.

Narrator: Remember: if in doubt, don’t go out!

Visual: The ice fishers stand on the shoreline and look out at the fishing huts and cracks in the ice. Then they turn and walk away from the ice.

Visual: A white logo appears on a black background, displaying “Canadian Coast Guard” in English and French.

Visual: A white logo appears on a black background displaying “Canada” with a Canadian flag graphic over the final “a”.

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