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CCGS Captain Molly Kool joins our fleet

The CCGS Captain Molly Kool joins our fleet. The ship will allow us to continue to provide essential services that help keep Canadians safe.

Transcript: CCGS Captain Molly Kool joins our fleet

Quebec City

Catherine Lacombe, Commanding Officer, Canadian Coast Guard: Hello, welcome to CCGS Captain Molly Kool. Come check it out.

The Captain Molly Kool is a former Vidar Viking that came from Sweden. It is currently undergoing repairs.

Matthew Wheaton, Commanding Officer, Canadian Coast Guard: The ice breaking season is starting now. You see the weather today: snow and ice. This vessel will be dispatched to the southern ice breaking program, so it may operate anywhere from Montreal to St. John’s.

Officer Lacombe: When the flag changes from Swedish to Canadian, there are regulatory and security systems. It’s starting to come together. It looks very good.

I’ve been part of the project since the beginning as I was one of the people who went to Sweden and brought back the ships. It’s an exciting and dynamic project.

Officer Wheaton: We break ice. It keeps shipping going. It keeps people employed. Search and rescue it’s very rewarding to know that we can help everyday people. The ship is operated from this console. You need to call another ship, you call him here. You need to slow the ship, you do this. You need to steer the ship, you do this. It also has an ice knife, so as we break ice, the weight of the ship rides up and the weight breaks the ice back down.

It’s 18,000 horsepower. Like driving your minivan – you know the little “sport” button. It’s “economy” and “sport”. So when you break ice, you put in “sports”. In a moment in time we start, it actually gives you double that. 36,000 horsepower so that you can get the momentum of the ship going. It’s like a kid with a new president at his birthday. We just want to tear it open and get using it.

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