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60 years of proudly serving our country

The Canadian Coast Guard is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. This milestone is an opportunity to celebrate our past contributions to Canada and the important work we do each day from coast to coast to coast.

Transcript: 60 years of proudly serving our country

Narrator: You don’t always see us

Visual 1: Screen starts white and Canadian Coast Guard crest moves in toward the center of the screen. It is made up of small pieces of coast guard archive pictures. Pictures are replaced with the design of the crest, showing the crest motto, Saluti Primum Auxilio Semper. At the same time, the white screen behind the crest is replaced by a large icebreaker, the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, idling in the middle of a frozen sea.

Narrator: But we’re there

Visual 2: A man with a short sleeve coast guard uniform is shown from the side, standing behind a keyboard and two screens. Both screens show a coast guard ship and helicopter.

Narrator: We work behind the scenes

Visual 3: An accelerated video of the bow of a ship moved by crane in a shipyard hanger.

Narrator: and on the seas

Visual 4: An individual piloting a rigid inflatable. Land and trees are further ahead. He is wearing a helmet, a headset, and a Canadian Coast Guard uniform.

Narrator: We’re there to help the economy grow

Visual 5: View from the right side of a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker pointing towards the stern. It is escorting a large blue ship through ice.

Narrator: And support jobs

Visual 6: A fish harvester is gutting a catch on the deck of a small fishing vessel. Two other fish harvesters are behind him, standing in front of the cabin. The boat is moving on the water. The number 60 appears in white in the top left corner of the screen.

Visual 7: A yellow oil boom is floating in the water. A harbour and two large ships are in the background. The number 60 is replaced by the dates 1962 written over the date 2022, in the top left corner of the screen.

Narrator: We’re there to protect the environment

Visual 8: A young man wearing the coast guard uniform and a life jacket is at the command of a small vessel. Behind him is a small motorboat towing a yellow floating oil boom. The dates 1962 and 2022 in the top left corner disappear.

Narrator: And those who depend on it

Visual 9: A woman standing against the back of a pick-up truck smiles at the camera and raises one hand in salutation. She is wearing a black rain hat and a yellow rubber apron. There’s a lobster cage in the back of the truck and a small house in the background.

Narrator: We’re here to answer your call

Visual 10: Close-up of a Canadian Coast Guard rigid inflatable boat on the water, with two coast guard members, one at the wheel and the other at the front of the boat, in the center of the frame. In the bottom of the frame, there are two people with life jackets, sitting in a small boat. The coast guard member at the center of the frame is talking to them.

Narrator: When you need a helping hand

Visual 11: Same scene as the previous shot, but from another angle closer to the back of the Canadian Coast Guard boat. A third member has now appeared on the boat and one of them is carrying a stretcher with one hand and bringing it over the small boat where the two passengers are.

Visual 12: Close-up of a coast guard member placing a bandage on a foot. The action is happening on the bow of a small vessel.

Narrator: It’s not always easy

Visual 13: An employee on the deck, wearing a hard hat and a warm workers winter jacket, throws a rope off the side of a large vessel. It appears the camera is filming from the inside of the vessel, maybe from the cabin. It is snowing.

Narrator: But we don’t do it because it’s easy

Visual 14: Aerial shot of the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent sailing through ice, from the right of the screen to the left.

Narrator: We do it because we care

Visual 15: Close-up of two coast guard members on the deck of a ship, in uniform and wearing life jackets, tending what appears to be a mannequin used in search and rescue exercises.

Narrator: Care for our communities

Visual 16: Close-up on the face of a young man wearing a coast guard ball cap. He is raising a flag that appears on his right.

Visual 17: Three flags floating in the wind. From left to right is a Canadian flag, the Canadian Coast Guard flag and the flag of Nova Scotia.

Narrator: Care for our future

Visual 18: A detailed 3D animation of a large coast guard ship moving through water. The sky and clouds are in the background. The angle of the shot moves progressively, showing the front of the ship and circling to show the right side of the ship.

Narrator: And because we believe a lifetime spent serving our country

Visual 19: A series of boats are tied on small parallel docks, on the right. Ten individuals wearing a coast guard uniform, most of them in T-shirts, appear onscreen. There are two clusters of three on two boats. Two other members are walking towards the boats on a dock on the left of the screen. The image is moving in slow motion.

Narrator: Is a life well spent

Visual 20: A Canadian Coast Guard female employee in uniform is walking up a ladder on the back of a ship.

Visual 21: A quick sequence of photos follow. Black and white painting of a tall ship in the water.

Visual 22: Black and white photo of men standing on a wharf with a tall ship in the background.

Visual 23: Old photo of a tall ship surrounded by ice and men standing on the ice.

Visual 24: Old photo of a small two-mast sail boat in the water with six individuals aboard.

Visual 25: Old photo of a large vessel in the water.

Visual 26: Old photo of a small motorized vessel. Waves in front of the boat show it is moving at a considerable speed.

Visual 27: Old color photo of the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent icebreaker moving through ice on the water.

Visual 28: Old color photo of man standing on ice in front of a tanker, the J. C. Phillips.

Visual 30: Old color photo of a small Canadian Coast Guard search and rescue boat moving on the water.

Visual 31: Old color phot of three search and rescue boats with water cannons on the bow shooting water.

Visual 32: Old photo of a man at the wheel inside a cabin.

Visual 33: Old photo of a coast guard member looking through a sextant.

Visual 34: Photo of two fishing vessels stuck in ice and the CCGS Ann Harvey behind.

Visual 35: Photo taken from the back of Canada Coast Guard ship escorting 5 fishing vessels through ice.

Visual 36: Old photo of a coast guard member wearing a yellow hard hat and a red life jacket securing the rope tying a Coast Guard ship at a wharf.

Visual 37: Dated photo of a coast guard member raising a Canadian Coast Guard flag.

Visual 38: Archive photo of a five-blade red Canadian Coast Guard helicopter, flying at low altitude with water and mountains in the background.

Visual 39: Photo a woman coast guard member holding a pilot helmet standing next to a helicopter.

Visual 40: Photo of a small coast guard boat in the water followed behind by waves caused by the propeller.

Visual 41: Archive photo of two men wearing ties behind instrument boards in what appears to be a traffic control centre.

Visual 42: Photo of a young woman wearing a coast guard uniform, a headset and a mic. She is looking at one of the six screens in front of her.

Visual 43: Side view of a large Canadian Coast Guard ship navigating through water, taken from a high angle.

Visual 44: Photo of the front end of the bow of a ship being built in a shipyard, inside a hangar.

Visual 45: Close-up of a small modern Canadian Coast guard ship in the water.

Visual 46: Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft moving through water and between pans of ice.

Visual 47: Photo inside a two-seat cockpit, showing two pilots and the instrumentation in front of them.

Visual 48: Coast guard helicopter on a ship landing pad. Large Coast guard ship tied to a wharf in the background.

Visual 49: Coast guard member in uniform and coast guard ball cap. Out of focus inukshuk in the background.

Visual 50: Three coast guard members in orange suits, life jackets, and wearing helmets, are behind the steering wheel of a boat. There’s an iceberg in the background.

Visual 51: Female worker wearing a hard hat and standing in front of a large ship in a shipyard.

Visual 52: Close-up of the front of a Canadian Coast Guard ship, showing the name written on its side, Captain Molly Kool. Quick succession of photos ends here.

Visual 53: Quick zoom-in on a still image. On the left side is an old Canadian Coast Guard ship in the water, in the sky an older design helicopter. On the right side is a large modern Canadian Coast Guard ship and a modern helicopter in the air. In the center of the image, there is a coast guard member looking through a sextant and another member wearing modern equipment and speaking in a radio device. They are both looking away from the center of the image as the Canadian Coast Guard crest comes into focus between them. Underneath the two individuals and the crest, the text 60 years appears. It is replaced by the text Celebrate the Past, Navigate the Future.

Visual 54: Only the water and sky background remains. The Canadian Coast Guard signature appears and is quickly replaced with the Canada wordmark.

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