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Meet Officer Cadet Jérémie Lemoine

Marine Engineering programs develops marine engineering officers for the CCG Fleet. Marine Engineering officers are responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of all equipment and structures aboard Canadian Coast Guard vessels. They keep the main engines and auxiliary systems of the ship in good working order under the supervision of the vessel’s chief engineer.

Transcript: Meet Officer Cadet Jérémie Lemoine

Jérémie Lemoine: I started university in mechanical engineering, then I realized that the job of an office engineer wasn’t for me.

At the Coast Guard College, we’ll be given a bachelor’s degree.

I’ll graduate with a fourth-class engineering certificate.

And then, this certificate will allow me to work on any ship, even internationally.

An engineer in charge of a shift is going to be in charge of all the systems you may think you need for a city, all consolidated into one ship.

For me, when it clicked, it was at sea.

The College is theory, it’s what you learn in books, electricity, engines and parts.

Now, I’m fixing a certain problem, and I understand how it works because I learned it in theory.

My work environment can be summed up in three areas.

On the ship with your crew, the people you’re going to eat with, where you’re going to sleep and work.

Then I have the control room with a lot of dials, a lot of information that will help me know how my machinery is operating.

Then we have the engine room, the place where it’s really noisy.

That’s where I feel best.

Where I can listen to the machinery and feel the vibrations.

My job is really about problem solving.

You observe and discover problems, fix them and report it to your superiors afterwards.

At the Coast Guard College, you get room and board, then you’re going to have a small allowance.

It’s really an environment that promotes success.

You can study in the same field but in the private sector, where you hope you’ll get a job.

Here, you are sure to have a job for life.

That’s something that’s hard to get and it’s a great opportunity to come here for that.

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