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Icebreaking centres, services, fees, response-time commitments and fleet.

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Services and information

Icebreaking fleet

Names, photos and data for all icebreakers in our fleet.

Program information

Who we are, what we do and who we serve.


How hovercraft help icebreaking.

Contact our Ice operations centres

Contact information for centres in the St. Lawrence, the Great Lakes and the Arctic, and on the Atlantic Coast.

Icebreaking services fees

Rates, fee schedule, invoicing and payments.

Service standards for ice operations

Service delivery targets, availability, response time and priorities.

Levels of service

Objectives, services and standards.

Ice conditions

Ice charts, web cameras, bulletins, recommended routes and ice forecasts.

Icebreaking public notices

Public notices for winter icebreaking.

Ice safety

Practice ice safety this winter with our handy guide.


Early icebreaking, regional responsibilities over time and modern services.


Publications, manuals and summaries of ice conditions.

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