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Search and rescue

Incident reporting, safety systems and equipment, and maritime search and rescue service delivery.

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Services and information

Report a marine search and rescue incident

Contact numbers for reporting marine search and rescue incidents across Canada.

Marine emergency beacons

How to register a marine emergency beacon and update registry data.

Communication and alerting equipment

Radio requirements and how to obtain a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number.

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

Information on the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System and supported equipment for vessels.

Inshore Rescue Boat service

About the student program, how to apply, applicant requirements and station locations.

Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

About the service, training, resources and how to volunteer.

Indigenous Community Boat Volunteer Program

Funding program for boats and equipment for Indigenous communities.

Program information

Who we are, what we do and how we serve.


Policies, publications and safety information for small vessels.

Search and Rescue stations

A list of all our search and rescue stations, and general information on openings and closures.

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