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Communication and alerting equipment

Learn about registering an emergency beacon, radio requirements and Maritime Mobile Service Identity numbers.

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Register an emergency beacon

The following beacons must be registered with the Canadian Beacon Registry:

This makes it easier for search and rescue personnel to find you in the event of a distress situation.

To register an emergency beacon, visit the Canadian Beacon Registry.

Maritime Mobile Service Identity

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) radios have a unique 9-digit number that allow for private calling and simple MAYDAY alerting. This is called a Maritime Mobile Service Identity number, and acts like a cellphone number. To apply for an MMSI number, visit Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.


You must equip your vessel with a non-portable Very High Frequency (VHF) radiotelephone or a VHF-DSC radio. Radio requirements vary by vessel type.

To learn about radio requirements for your vessel, visit Transport Canada.

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