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Indigenous Community Boat Volunteer Program

Our Indigenous Community Boat Volunteer Program provides funding to coastal Indigenous communities to buy boats and related marine safety equipment. This helps support their membership in the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Combined with training in search and rescue, the Program helps these communities carry out search and rescue operations making the waters near Indigenous coastal communities safer for everyone.

Indigenous Auxiliary Members

The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary is a national non-profit organization of 4,000 volunteer members with access to 1,000 vessels that boost the Government of Canada's maritime search and rescue response capacity.

Members of Indigenous coastal communities play a key role in marine safety. They are often the first to arrive on the scene when incidents happen in remote coastal areas. They also have expertise in navigating local waters.

In partnership with the Canadian Coast Guard, members of the Auxiliary provide marine search and rescue services, promote marine safety, and conduct coastal safety patrols.


The Canadian Coast Guard launched the program in 2017, under the Oceans Protection Plan. To date, 49 Indigenous coastal communities and organizations have received over $15.6 million in funding. They used the money to buy or repair boats and related equipment.

Under the next phase of the Oceans Protection Plan, this initiative will continue to build, enhance, or sustain communities’ capacity to participate in marine incident response activities.


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