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About us

The Canadian Coast Guard is a nationally recognized and world-leading symbol of service and safety. Our iconic red and white ships, hovercrafts and helicopters represent the federal government’s presence along 243,000 kilometers of coastline, the longest of any country in the world.

Who we are

Who we are an examples of what we do.


Our mandate, mission, vision and values.

Organizational structure

Diagram and maps showing how we are organized.

Acts, regulations and fees

List of acts, regulations, fees and conventions.


History of the Canadian Coast Guard from the 1800s.

Diversity, accessibility and inclusion

Learn about the importance of diversity and steps taken to have an inclusive workplace.

National memorial

National memorial to honour our colleagues who have lost their lives.

International partnerships

International events, activities and collaboration.

Stay connected

Stay informed and keep in touch with us across a variety of platforms.

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