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341 - Seaphase

Course hours

  • Theory: 150
  • Lab: 0
  • Field work: 8 months
  • Total: 8 months


The second sea training phase that navigation officer cadets attend. Officer cadets will experience the practical side of the theory and simulations covered in regular classes. They'll receive primary training in the specific job functions of the various crew positions that they'll work with.

During sea phase, officer cadets will understand:

  • shipboard systems
  • emergency procedures
  • duties and responsibilities of all personnel on board the vessel

Officer cadets will conduct written exercises on topics that include:

  • navigation
  • ship structure
  • communications
  • electronic charts
  • cargo operations
  • practical seamanship
  • scale vessel drawings
  • electronic navigation radar
  • organization of responsibility
  • Canadian Coast Guard operations

Officer cadets will conduct:

  • bridge tasks
  • port operations
  • cargo operations
  • wire and rope work
  • helicopter operations
  • search and rescue operations
  • navigation services operations
  • equipment operation and maintenance

Officer cadets will participate in live exercises and practical work in a marine navigation environment.

During sea phase training, all officer cadets are required to complete a detailed sea training manual that tracks all of the items covered during this practicum.

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