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211 - Seamanship Practical (Small Vessel Operator Proficiency)

Course hours

  • Theory: 20
  • Lab: 0
  • Field work: 100
  • Total: 120


This is a practical course that teaches general seamanship practices in use today, with a focus on the operation of various small boats used on board Canadian Coast Guard ships. Topics covered in this course include:

  • deck machinery
  • currents and tides
  • shipboard maintenance
  • securing and anchoring small craft
  • Canadian Aids to Navigation System
  • manoeuvring alongside moving vessels
  • reading and interpreting a nautical chart
  • docking and undocking small craft, such as:
    • barges
    • single and twin screws

It also covers the basics of search and rescue on the water, including:

  • search patterns
  • towing practices
  • techniques for recovering persons from the sea
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