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140 - Physical Education

Course hours

  • Theory: 25
  • Lab: 0
  • Field work: 51
  • Total: 76


This program includes a detailed examination of health, wellness and the importance of physical activity. Topics covered in this course include:

  • team sports
  • personal fitness
  • fitness trends and exercise programs
  • Marine Emergency Duties training, such as:
    • fighting fires
    • climbing ladders
    • controlling flooding
    • entering confined spaces through hatches
  • individual discipline towards a healthy body
  • impacts on physical and mental health caused by:
    • isolation
    • shift work
    • time on board a vessel
  • the development of skills appropriate to establishing and maintaining lifelong activity

The course also includes:

  • field trips
  • formal fitness assessments twice a year
  • indoor and outdoor practical experiences
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