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Operations Order 103.00 - Vessel Naming Policy
1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this order is to state the Canadian Coast Guard (Coast Guard) policy for the naming of Coast Guard vessels and to provide general guidelines for the selection and approval of names.

The objective is to select names that promote Canadian sovereignty, culture, geography and history. It is also intended to raise the profile of vessels and the work they do by honouring and celebrating people and places of regional and national significance.

1.2 Policy

It is the policy of the Coast Guard that vessels of the Coast Guard fleet must be named according to the criteria listed in this order (Annex A).

All named vessels must have the prefix of CCGS for “Canadian Coast Guard Ship” before their given names.

1.3 Application

This policy applies to all Coast Guard vessels and air cushioned vehicles.

Where names of existing Coast Guard vessels do not comply with this order, names will not need to be changed.

Vessels under long-term charter by Coast Guard may be renamed in accordance with this order where deemed appropriate and practicable.

Typically small craft, which are vessels under 15 gross registered tonnage (GRT) or less than 12 metres in length, are sequentially numbered by type or class and not named. However, in cases where they are considered part of the base fleet and included in the Fleet Operations Plan for programming purposes, they may be named at the discretion of the Minister.

1.4 Definition

Unless specifically defined, terms in this order have the same meaning as defined in the Fleet Safety Manual, Glossary – Definitions (see Annex A of the Fleet Safety ManualFootnote 1)

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