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Tank truck to marine vessel - Oil transfer
3. Responsibilities

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This section. addresses the responsibilities of the driver and marine representative during an oil transfer operation.

An oil transfer must not take place if any of the responsible parties are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No exceptions.

3.1 Driver

The driver is ultimately responsible for the decision to carry out the oil transfer operation since he has care and control the product from loading to delivery. The driver must demonstrate due diligence by making sure that the equipment and operating procedures meet the high level required for safety and environmental protection.

The driver has the authority and the responsibility to cease operations if an unsafe condition exists.

The driver's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:


The driver is not to carry out the operation unless the marine representative is fully involved, carrying out his or her responsibilities. By carrying out an unattended operation the driver assumes full responsibility for the actions.

3.2 Marine Representative

Responsibilities of the marine representative are similar to those of the driver. The representative must attend all deliveries and is responsible to ensure the following:


The above list of marine representative responsibilities is not an exhaustive list.

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