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Tank truck to marine vessel - Oil transfer
2. Regulations and Guidelines

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This section addresses the fundamental requirement of this document which is that all truck-to-vessel oil transfers must be conducted in compliance with all applicable federal, provincial, municipal and other regulations. Compliance with any existing codes, guidelines and standards must also be maintained.

For a list of regulatory publications, see “Related Documents” in the “About This Manual” section of this document.


When working adjacent to the water, the regional Workers Compensation Board Regulations may require that workers wear Personal Flotation Devices (PFD).

2.1 Spills

The following section covers federal and provincial regulations; reporting procedures and personal liability of spills resulting from oil transfer operations.

2.1.1 Federal And Provincial Regulations

All parties involved in oil transfer operations need to be aware of certain governmental regulations.

2.1.2 Reporting

Spills must be reported to the appropriate government agencies without delay. Reporting regulations vary among jurisdictions so drivers must be familiar with the reporting requirements in the jurisdiction in which they are operating. If you are unsure about the reporting requirements in a particular area then report the spill.


All telephone numbers above are for locations in B.C only. Be familiar with numbers in the jurisdiction in which you are working.

At minimum, spill reports should include the following information:


Failure to report a spill can result in fines of up to $1,000,000.

2.1.3 Personal Liability

The liability for a spill rests with the person who owns or has charge, management or control of the substance immediately prior to its release. A company can be held responsible for the actions of its employees unless it can be shown that the employee acted contrary to established protocols. If so, the employee can be held solely liable.

Although this document may refer to the above regulations and guidelines it does not include all of their requirements. All persons involved in oil transfers should be familiar and comply with all applicable requirements.

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