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Tank truck to marine vessel - Oil transfer
7. Nozzles

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The type of nozzle required will depend on the product being dispensed and the type of receiving vessel.

7.1 Automatic Nozzles

For dispensing gasoline into small tanks, particularly those in pleasure craft, an automatic nozzle must be used. These nozzles are designed to automatically shut off the flow when the tank is full, and are usually limited to hoses 38 mm (1½") and less.


Automatic nozzles are not always reliable, and may fail to shut off automatically. Constant attendance is required.

7.2 Latch-Open Devices

Latch-open devices are acceptable only on nozzles used to dispense diesel fuel and other low-volatility liquids. Use with caution. Adhere to the following safety considerations:


Latch open devices are not acceptable when dispensing gasoline. The nozzle must be held open manually and attended to throughout the dispensing process.

7.3 High Volume Deliveries

For large bulk deliveries, the flow is usually controlled at the pump or tank truck outlet valve. In these cases, it may be acceptable to connect the hose or nozzle to the receiving tank with a camlock connector.

The marine representative must stay in attendance at the tank connection;

The marine representative must monitor the tank level to ensure that the flow is stopped before the tank reaches its maximum safe capacity.

The flow must be controlled at the truck; the marine representative must give the driver at least five minutes notice before shutdown is required.

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