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Tank truck to marine vessel - Oil transfer
About This Manual

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The procedures and actions portrayed in this document represent current petroleum industry practices, (as of date of publication or amendment), for the transfer of refined petroleum products. Users of this document must be fully aware of the hazards and characteristics of petroleum products as outlined in CPPI's The Petroleum Products Professional Driver's Manual and must be trained to deal with emergencies that may occur.

This document is intended to be used as a guideline that describes procedures and equipment that, when used properly, will help minimize the risks involved in carrying out oil transfer operations in marine environments.

The intent of this document is to ensure that oil deliveries from tank trucks to vessels are conducted with a high level of safety and environmental protection.


This document is not intended to address the transfer of oil to or from any vessels from fixed oil handling facilities.

Who Should Use This Manual

This guideline is intended to be used by drivers involved in the transfer of oil from tank trucks to vessels including, but not limited to, the following:

It is the driver's responsibility to understand the required procedures and use of equipment and to take appropriate measures to ensure safety and to prevent spills.

For more information, see the Receiving Vessels section in this document.

How To Use This Manual

As industry practices change this manual may be revised without notice. It is your responsibility to ensure that your manual continues to be current.

Related Documents

This is not a stand-alone document but is to be used in conjunction with the CPPI Professional Drivers Manual.

Additional documents designed to protect the environment, property and human safety include, but are not limited to, the following:


Oil that is carried on or in a vessel (or in a container on or in a vessel) but not used for the vessel's fuel
Tank Truck Driver
The person responsible for the operation of the tank truck
Oil that is carried in a vessel and is used by the vessel
Surface waters include: salt water, fresh water and related environments
Marine Representative
The person responsible for oil receipt activities of the vessel, and depending on the size of the vessel, may be certified for that purpose
Any refined petroleum product, including but not limited to, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and lubricating oil
Includes any description of barge, ship, boat or craft, designed, used, or capable of being used solely or partly for marine navigation without regard for method or lack of propulsion
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