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Tank truck to marine vessel - Oil transfer

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This document is the result of the combined efforts of a joint industry/government committee comprised of the following:

  1. Brian Clark - BC Environment
  2. Harold Reidler - BC Environment
  3. Glen Parker - Chevron Canada Limited
  4. Russ Henshaw - Chevron Canada Limited
  5. Geoff Harris - Coast Guard
  6. Matt Thirkell - Coast Guard
  7. Ross Cowell - Transport Canada, Ship Safety
  8. Stan Bowles - Transport Canada, Ship Safety
  9. Paul Ross - Environment Canada
  10. Peter Doherty - Fire Commissioner of Canada
  11. Dave Menzies - Fire Commissioners Office
  12. Ted Appleton - Fisheries and Oceans
  13. John Pynn - Imperial Oil Limited
  14. Rob Russell - Instinct Trucking
  15. Tom McIntyre - Petro-Canada Products
  16. Ron Clark - Shell Canada
  17. Chris Badger - Vancouver Port Corporation

The Canadian Petroleum Products Institute (CPPI) or the contributing agencies involved in the development of these guidelines do not warrant that these are the best or only procedures, or that by reliance on these procedures the best results can be achieved. In no event shall CPPI, its members or the contributing agencies be liable for any claim arising from the use of or reliance on this document. Should there be any conflict over the procedures in this document, existing legislation and government regulations will take precedence.

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Edition: April 1997

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