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Levels of Service

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The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is a national Special Operating Agency (SOA) of Fisheries and Oceans Canada that provides essential marine safety and environmental protection services directly to Canadians. The CCG is mandated to provide services to support safe, economical and efficient movement of ships in Canadian waters, to deliver the marine component of the federal search and rescue program, and to ensure appropriate marine pollution response. The CCG also provides the marine support needed by other sectors of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and other federal government departments for the protection of the marine and aquatic environment, public safety and security on the water, marine science and fisheries resource management, as well as other Government of Canada maritime objectives.

The services provided by the CCG can be grouped under six major programs, namely Aids to Navigation, Waterways Management, Environmental Response, Icebreaking, Marine Communications and Traffic Services, and Search and Rescue. Services are delivered through the management of Canada's civilian fleet, a broadly distributed shore infrastructure, marine expertise, and in collaboration with public and private partners. As a national institution, the CCG strives to meet the expectations of a broad and varied client base including the general public, commercial shippers, ferry operators, fishers, recreational boaters, and coastal communities.

Established levels of service for the CCG's programs are also integral to efficient planning and delivery. They are a cornerstone of the CCG's business, alongside operational readiness and capacity. They provide Coast Guard clients with a clear understanding of the services to be expected and they also contribute to ensuring that the CCG's services are delivered in a nationally consistent, integrated, predictable, measurable and equitable fashion over time.

This document captures levels of service for each CCG program by providing:

  1. Description of the services provided by CCG programs (e.g. purpose of the services, the seasonal duration, the areas where the services will be provided); and
  2. Service Standards, where possible, to provide a benchmark for performance or measurable guidelines of what can be expected (e.g. timeliness, accuracy, access).

While the actual services have not changed, this re-publication seeks to provide greater clarity to clients on the type of service that can be expected. Changes have also been made to address comments made by clients during the 2007 Levels of Service review. The re-publication of the Levels of Service document fulfills a key commitment in the CCG 2009-10 Business Plan.

Starting in 2010-11, the CCG programs will review the levels of service and service standards on an ongoing basis using client engagement strategies.

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