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Preparation guide: Applying to the Canadian Coast Guard College

Expected behaviours during the application process

This section details behaviours candidates must demonstrate throughout the selection process. These behaviours can help separate you from other candidates in the hiring process.

Attention to detail

Although it is not an essential qualification, attention to detail is always important. Make sure you read all instructions carefully and meet all deadlines.

Check emails regularly

Communication for the selection process occurs via email. It is crucial that you receive the messages we send. Make sure you read the full email to ensure you meet all deadlines and do not miss important information.

Be aware that messages could appear in your junk or spam folder.

Respond to emails on time

Answer emails on time and meet all deadlines. This shows that you are truly interested in the program. It also means the evaluation committee can process your application faster. If you miss deadlines without valid reason you will be removed from the selection process.

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