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Maritime security program

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Maritime security staff at work in a Marine Security Operations Centre.

The Maritime Security Branch is an active member in the interdepartmental maritime security community. We’re responsible for working with partners to develop and implement strategies which support national security priorities.

We support national security by:

Collaboration and policy

We ensure Canadian maritime security by using a multi-agency approach. We use the capabilities and expertise of different partners in the sector to build upon our obligations and to address security priorities.

Our maritime security branch collaborates with partner agencies, such as the Interdepartmental Marine Security Working Group, to:

The branch is also responsible for:

Enforcement support

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The CCGS Caporal Kaeble V.C., a patrol vessel supporting the enforcement team.

Our program support is achieved through cooperation between different departments, such as the:

Maritime security enforcement teams

The Canadian Coast Guard and the RCMP work together to provide security enforcement on the Great Lakes and Gulf of St. Lawrence. Maritime security enforcement teams combine RCMP law enforcement powers with Canadian Coast Guard operational expertise. Teams are made up of RCMP officers working on mid-shore patrol vessels from the Canadian Coast Guard.

Conservation and Protection

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Canadian Coast Guard and fisheries officers on patrol.

Canadian Coast Guard vessels also provide operational platforms for fishery officers on coastal and inland waterways. Uniformed fisheries officers work aboard these dedicated vessels to enforce fisheries violations.

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