Admissions requirements for the Officer Training Program

Find admission requirements for the Officer Training Program by province, for home schooled applicants and for students educated outside of Canada.

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Admission requirements

To be eligible for the Officer Training Program, you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen upon appointment
  • have a valid Canadian passport upon joining
  • meet the medical standard required for seagoing personnel, including vision and hearing standards
  • be able to pass a criminal record check and government security clearance at the reliability and secret levels
  • be willing to take training in respiratory protection and wear a breathing apparatus which maintains a non-leaking seal over your face

Course prerequisites

All applicants need to successfully complete a high school diploma by June 30 of the intake year. Course prerequisites must be at the pre-university level suitable for post-secondary study in science or engineering with a grade of 70% or higher in each of these required courses:

  • physics
  • chemistry
  • advanced math
  • English or French

The Canadian Coast Guard College reserves the right to decide what we’ll accept as an academic equivalency.

Prerequisites by province

Make sure you’re enrolled in the right course by checking your province’s requirements for admission below.

  • Alberta

    Required courses:

    • Physics 30
    • Chemistry 20
    • English or French 30-1
    • Mathematics 30-1 or 31
  • British Columbia

    Required courses:

    • Physics 12
    • Chemistry 11
    • Pre-calculus 12
    • English or French 12
  • Manitoba

    Required courses:

    • Physics 40s
    • Pre-calculus 12
    • Chemistry 30S 20
    • English or French 40s
  • New Brunswick

    Required courses for English sector:

    • English 121 or 122
    • Physics 121 or 122
    • Chemistry 111 or 112
    • Pre-calculus A120 and B120 or Calculus 120


    Required courses for French sector:

    • Chemistry 52311
    • French 10411 or 10421
    • Physics 51421 or 51411
    • Mathematics 30421C or 30411C
  • Newfoundland and Labrador

    Required courses:

    • Physics 3204
    • Chemistry 2202
    • English or French 3201
    • Mathematics 3200 or 3208
  • Nova Scotia

    Required courses:

    • Physics 12
    • Chemistry 11
    • Pre-calculus 12
    • English or French 12
  • Ontario

    Required courses:

    • Physics SPH4U
    • Chemistry SCH3U
    • Mathematics MCV4U or MHF4U
    • English ENG4U or French FRA4U
  • Prince Edward Island

    Required courses:

    • Physics 621A
    • Chemistry 521A
    • English or French 621A
    • Mathematics 621B or 611B
  • Quebec

    Required courses from secondary 5:

    • Physics 534 (053504)
    • Chemistry 534 (051504)
    • English or French (132506)
    • Math: Technical Science (064506) or Math: Natural Science (065506)
  • Saskatchewan

    Required courses:

    • Physics 30
    • Pre-calculus 30
    • Physical Science 20
    • English or French A30 and B30

Current high school students

Current high school students must provide an up-to-date transcript of completed courses and proof of enrollment in Grade 12 or equivalent. We’ll accept the following as proof of enrollment:

You will need to stay in touch throughout the school year, and provide us with

High school graduates

You must provide a high school transcript and any post-secondary transcripts demonstrating you have met the course requirements for your province.

Upgrading course requirements

Applicants who are upgrading courses need to provide a high school transcript and proof of enrollment in the required courses.

Throughout your academic semester, you’ll need to submit a mid-year grade report and final transcript upon course completion.

Non-Canadian education systems

Applicants who were educated outside of Canada are required to meet the standards indicated in the Canadian education system. You must:

International equivalency reports can be obtained through the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials. We’ll accept any of the following:

Home schooling

Applicants who have been home schooled will be considered individually and must possess the equivalent of a high school diploma. You’ll need to provide a high school transcript showing that you have met our course prerequisites.

Current students must provide an up-to date transcript with proof of enrollment in these courses. Admissions may request course outlines and descriptions to ensure course content meets our educational requirements.

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