Icebreaking Program

The Icebreaking Fleet

CCG has a fleet of 18 icebreakers.

CCG Ice Operations Centres task icebreakers and guide the movement of marine traffic through ice.

Heavy Icebreakers

  • CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent
  • CCGS Terry Fox

Medium Icebreakers

  • CCGS Amundsen (dedicated to Science in the summer)
  • CCGS Des Groseilliers
  • CCGS Henry Larsen
  • CCGS Pierre Radisson

Light Icebreakers

High Endurance Multi-Tasked Vessels

  • CCGS Ann Harvey
  • CCGS Edward Cornwallis
  • CCGS Georges R. Pearkes
  • CCGS Griffon
  • CCGS Martha L. Black
  • CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier
  • CCGS Sir William Alexander

Medium Endurance Multi-Tasked Vessels

  • CCGS Earl Grey
  • CCGS Samuel Risley
  • CCGS Tracy

Air Cushioned Vehicles

  • CCGS Mamilossa
  • CCGS Sipu Muin