Open Information Licence

Notices to Shipping (NOTSHIPS)

Notices created in Regional Marine Information Centre (RMIC) concerning NAVAID changes or defects, fishing zones, military exercises, dredging, or other marine hazards. Contain information for all boaters and is intended to inform the marine community of hazards, current activities and other pertinent information.

Broadcast Notships

Contain information releases of an urgent nature, broadcast through Marine Communication and Traffic System (MCTS) Centers, where applicable. They cover the establishment, condition or change in condition of a marine facility, service, procedure, or hazard provided to the mariner and the public immediately, and remains in effect for a limited period of time as determined by the RMIC or until the matter is covered by a written NOTSHIP or Notice to Mariners.

Written Notships

Contains information which is anticipated to remain in effect for an extended period of time as determined by the RMIC. These notices have previously been broadcast in full for an initial period of 48 hours and then placed for an additional period of 5 days, on an Active NOTSHIP List which lists the NOTSHIP number and gives a brief description of each one.


Any aid to navigation including lights, buoys, fog signals, and electronic systems.

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