Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre Victoria

Overview Of The Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre Victoria

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The Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre Victoria (JRCC Victoria) is one of three JRCCs in Canada operated by the Canadian Forces (CF) in conjunction with the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG); the others are in Trenton, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia. The JRCC, jointly staffed by trained Canadian Forces and Canadian Coast Guard personnel, is manned 24 hours a day.

JRCC Victoria is located at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt and is responsible for planning, co-ordinating, controlling and conducting aeronautical and maritime search and rescue (SAR) operations within Victoria's Search and Rescue Region (SRR). In addition, JRCC co-ordinates search and rescue units' response for humanitarian incidents in accordance with national policy and regional directives. Once JRCC is notified that a person(s) is in danger, the SAR Co-ordinator begins to organize the rescue. All available information about the person(s) in danger is gathered and recorded and the positions of potential assisting resources in the area of the incident are determined. SAR Co-ordinators are trained to evaluate various situations and send the most effective resources to deal with a particular incident. In complex and major incidents, many resources are often sent or tasked to assist.

JRCC Victoria is continuously staffed by two Maritime Co-ordinators (Canadian Coast Guard Officers) and one Aeronautical Co-ordinator (Air Force Captain). Excellent working relationships exist with adjoining RCCs in Juneau, AK, Elmendorf, AK, Langley, VA, Seattle, WA and Trenton, Ontario.

Victoria Search And Rescue Region

The Victoria SRR consists of approximately 920,000 square kilometers of mainly mountainous terrain of Yukon and British Columbia and 560,000 square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean extending to approximately 600 nautical miles offshore including over 27,000 kilometers of rugged British Columbia coastline. The pristine waters attract numerous kayakers, fly-in fishing tourists, cruise ships, and pleasure boaters. As well, the area is served by one of the biggest shipping seaports in North America, Vancouver. The rugged and often inaccessible terrain, severe weather, and large expanses of sparsely populated areas make the Victoria SRR the most demanding region in the country.

Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre Victoria

Emergency Numbers (24 hrs/day)

Toll free (within BC & Yukon)

Telephone: 1-800-567-5111
Cellular: #727
Satellite, local, or out of area: 250-413-8933

Media Inquiries

Telephone: 250-413-8937
Recording: 250-413-8930

Administration (Monday to Friday 08:00 to 15:30)

Phone: 250-413-8927
Fax: 250-413-8932