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Investments in search and rescue

Learn about current investments in search and rescue, including the New Initiatives Fund and the Oceans Protection Plan.

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New Initiatives Fund

The New Initiatives Fund provides annual funding for projects that improve the Search and Rescue program. Applications are made through Public Safety Canada, who manage the fund.

Oceans Protection Plan

On November 7, 2016, the Prime Minister launched a $1.5 billion national Oceans Protection Plan. It aims to improve marine safety and responsible shipping, protect Canada’s marine environment, and offer new opportunities for Indigenous and coastal communities.

The Oceans Protection Plan has 4 main priority areas:

  • creating a world-leading marine safety system that improves responsible shipping and protects Canada’s waters, including new preventive and response measures
  • restoring and protecting the marine ecosystems and habitats, using new tools and research, as well as taking measures to address abandoned boats and wrecks
  • strengthening partnerships and launching co-management practices with Indigenous communities, including building local emergency response capacity
  • investing in oil spill cleanup research and methods to ensure that decisions taken in emergencies are evidence based

The plan initiatives include expanding search and rescue capacity for the following purposes:

  • an expanded Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • training and exercising
  • increased opportunities for search and rescue for Indigenous organizations and coastal communities
  • new lifeboats and lifeboat stations
  • emergency towing
  • risk-based analysis of maritime search and rescue delivery
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