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Canadian Marine Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) Broadcast Standard
DGPS Information

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This document and other general information concerning the Canadian DGPS system can be obtained from:

Canadian Coast Guard 
Maritime Services, Navigation Systems Directorate

200 Kent Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0E6

Important information concerning day-to-day DGPS operations affecting users will be communicated through appropriate Coast Guard communication channels such as “NOTICE TO MARINERS” and/or “NOTICE TO SHIPPING”, as appropriate.

Any changes to this Standard may result in the release of a revised version or communicated to the user through the above-mentioned appropriate channels.

The RTCM Special Committee No.104 (Version 2.1) “Recommended Standards for Differential NAVSTAR GPS Service” document can be purchased from the RTCM by telephoning (703) 527-2000 or by writing to:

Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
1800 N. Kent Street
Suite 1060
Arlington, Virginia
Fax. 1-703-351-9932
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