Integrated Human Resource and Business Plan 2018

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Today's Coast Guard fleet is comprised of:

639 small craft

69 Search and rescue lifeboats

26 Large vessels

24 small vessels

22 Helicopters

4 Air Cushion Vehicules

Our fleet

Vessels, Ships, Air Cushion Vehicles and Helicopters

Our iconic red and white vessels, air cushion vehicles and helicopters are a nationally recognized symbol of safety on Canada’s oceans, lakes and waterways and perform a variety of roles in support of the Coast Guard’s mandate, including:

  • Supporting the safe and efficient movement of ships;
  • Icebreaking;
  • Search and rescue operations;
  • Environmental response; and
  • Supporting federal government partners to support science, sovereignty and security programs.

Recent Investments

As a result of specific investments made by the Government of Canada against the fleet – and other shore-based assets – over the past few years, Coast Guard is developing a detailed 3-year asset maintenance plan to describe improvements in asset condition, asset management capacity, systems and processes which will be included in the department’s Investment Plan in 2020.
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