Integrated Human Resource and Business Plan 2018

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Building our brand, sharing our stories

Canadians’ expectations towards maritime safety and the protection of the environment have evolved in recent years. Canadians want, and expect, a Coast Guard that is responsive and ready. Every day, our members live up to our motto of Safety First, Service Always as they accomplish great things to build Canada’s Coast Guard, to provide better services to Canadians and to use innovative solutions and technologies to address the challenges in Canada as a maritime nation.

The Coast Guard Brand

Our brand signifies what we do and what we stand for; it represents Coast Guard’s core values, actions and commitment to excellence. A strong brand helps energize and increase awareness of the positive impact of Coast Guard’s services for the public, stakeholders and leaders. Our goal is to continue to tell the Coast Guard story and to share those stories with all Canadians. A key priority for the Coast Guard is to mobilize our members. We want our own members to be our greatest ambassadors. As the Coast Guard grows, we are looking to feature our members more in the communities in which they serve. Already, we accomplish this to some extent by attending events like Canada Day and other events where our booths and exhibits always draw a crowd.

2018-19 Outreach Activities

The Coast Guard’s outreach activities for 2018-2019 continue to evolve and include more activities associated with the following pillars:

Canadian Coast Guard members at the pride parade in Ottawa.

2018-2019 Pride Parades

Our members are our greatest strength, and we remain focused on demonstrating our support to the LGBTQ2+ community and on delivering our message of diversity and inclusiveness of “if you can serve, you can serve in the Canadian Coast Guard”. In summer 2018, the Canadian Coast Guard participated in 12 Pride Parades from coast to coast which allowed us to reach over 560,000 participants across the country.

Looking forward

Over the coming year we will continue work on building our brand by increasing Canadians’ awareness and understanding of the Coast Guard. Our new visual brand will bring our promotional and recruitment material under a single banner.

The ongoing work to further develop one national Coast Guard Intranet site will lead our efforts in adopting the digital first approach with respect to communication with our members. This includes working towards bringing all current Intranet sites under one web site, with a common brand that speaks from a national voice.

We will also continue to support the various awareness events to help promote inclusiveness, respect and compassion for all Canadians

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