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Preparation guide: Applying to the Canadian Coast Guard College

Application tips

The following tips will help you prepare to apply to the college.

Get a respectable email address

All communication during the selection process is by email. We strongly recommend you have a respectable email address (preferably one that includes your first and last name). We also recommend you have separate personal and professional email addresses. This is because:

Avoid having emails that include things like your nickname or pet's name.

Always include your first and last name in the emails you send. This helps the college easily locate your file. We receive lots of applications and emails throughout the process. Being able to easily identify a candidate by their email address helps us answer you faster.

Print and highlight emails

Print and highlight emails and important information you receive throughout the process. This includes:

Create an application folder and store the printed emails there. This helps keep everything organized when you submit information to the college. It can also help you stay on top of deadlines and appointments.

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