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Preparation guide: Applying to the Canadian Coast Guard College

What the process assesses

The selection processes has many stages, including:

The evaluation committee will assess you for essential and non-essential (asset) qualifications. The job poster tells you which competencies and abilities are being assessed. It also identifies which skills are essential and non-essential (asset) qualifications.

Conditional acceptance

If you meet all the essential qualifications for the position, the committee will deem you "partially qualified". At this point, you may receive a conditional offer.

A conditional offer means we reserved a position for you, but you must meet certain conditions. These conditions include that you:

If you fail to meet these conditions by the deadline at any stage, we will remove you from the process.

The selection process is difficult. There are many applicants and a limited number of spots available. If you do not succeed, we highly encourage you to re-apply.

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