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Preparation guide: Applying to the Canadian Coast Guard College

Understanding job posters

The job posters is a job notice with information about the program (and your employment). It explains:

Key areas of the job poster

Reading a job poster can be overwhelming. There is a lot of information and you may feel it is not relevant. However, the information is there to explain the qualities you need to enter in the program.

The main area you should focus on in the job poster is the qualifications section. This information tells you if you are eligible to apply for the program. It explains the:

Although some essential qualifications are assessed at a later date, it is important that you make sure you have them when you apply. If you do not meet the essential qualifications and educational requirements your application will be removed from the selection process.

You cannot be screened out of the selection process because of asset qualifications. However, they can be the deciding factor when choosing applicants.

Another area to focus your attention is the conditions of employment. This section lists the conditions you must meet throughout the 4-year training program.

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