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Preparation guide: Applying to the Canadian Coast Guard College

Perks of the Canadian Coast Guard College

The college's officer training program provides the following benefits:

Graduates receive:

Applying to college versus other institutions

Applying to the Canadian Coast Guard College has more requirements than other post-secondary institutions. This is because you are applying for a job with the federal government, as well as a study program.

The college recruits and develops candidates to become Canadian coast guard officers. Candidates are initially recruited as officer cadets at the SO-MAO00 level. They progress to SO-MAO-02 level upon graduating from the 4-year training program.

The selection process includes many stages that you must succeed in before entering the program.

The officer training program is an exciting opportunity to serve your country, while making a real difference on Canada's waters. The ultimate goal of the program is to train individuals to become highly-motivated and competent ship's officers who will serve at sea in the Canadian Coast Guard fleet.

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