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Canadian Coast Guard Circular
08-2022 COVID-19 - Health Screening Questionnaire and COVID-19 Testing Protocol for Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) Personnel and Persons Seeking Access to CCG controlled Installations, Vessels, Helicopters and Vehicles

Original: 2022-04-22 Revised: n/a Approved by Marc Mes, Director General, Fleet and Maritime Services, on April 22, 2022.

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Target audience

All CCG personnel and persons seeking access to CCG controlled installationsFootnote 1, vessels, helicopters and vehicles (hereinafter referred to as CCG installations and assets).


This CCG circular is to provide information on the implementation of a health screening questionnaire and rapid test screening requirements (where applicable).


In order to minimize the risk of contagion in CCG work environments, a rapid test screening consent form is required for some employees and visitors (see Annex I), as well as an updated health screening questionnaire (see Annex II).

Required actions

Pre-screening is required prior to accessing CCG installations and assets. The screening questionnaire in Annex II is to be completed by the target audience seeking access to CCG installations and assets.

Rapid test screening requirements are outlined in the following NSOPs:

Rapid test screening documentation is included in Annex I.

The questionnaire is administered by CCG personnel or others, designated by the Assistant Commissioner as screening officers at the initial point of entry to CCG installations and assets.

Please note that this health questionnaire will be updated according to the new recommendations issued by the national public health authorities.

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Annex I

Annex II

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