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CCG/6102 National Standard Operating Procedure (NSOP)
527 COVID-19 - International Contractors Entering Canada to Work for the Canadian Coast Guard

Original: 2021-08-25 Revised: n/a Approved by Sam Ryan, Director General, Integrated Technical Services, on August 26, 2021.

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This National Standard Operating Procedure (NSOP) provides information and steps to be taken by Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) managers when requesting the onsite presence of an international contractor to perform essential services across provincial and territorial borders for the CCG.


The following procedure must be completed by CCG managers in collaboration (if applicable) with a CCG employee responsible to liaison with an international contractor to ensure that they have the detailed requirements from this NSOP procedures.

Procedure for evaluating whether to engage an international contractor
Step Procedure
1. Assess if delaying the work create additional costs and/or risks for the CCG that cannot be adequately mitigated.
2. Ensure that that the required consultations and considerations have been completed in accordance with step 1 of Procedure for identifying contractors to be issued contractor designation letters found in NSOP 515 - COVID-19 - Issuance of Contractor Designation Letters During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
3. If the work is not considered critical to ongoing CCG operations, then other options (for example, virtual consultation, subcontractors) must be evaluated. Mitigation plans can be developed with adequate measures put in place to protect the continuance of operations and program delivery.
Procedure for the international contractor deemed essential
Step Procedure

Follow NSOP 515 - COVID-19 - Issuance of Contractor Designation Letters during the COVID-19 Pandemic in order to provide the international contractor with the letter.

  1. The following must be provided to the international contractor:
    1. 1.1 Flying to Canada requirements checklist
    2. 1.2 Driving to Canada requirements checklist
    3. 1.3 Provincial and territorial restrictions
3. The international contractor must be informed that a health screening questionnaire must be completed before entering any CCG vessel or facilities, in accordance with CCG circular 21-2021 COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire for Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) Personnel and Visitors Accessing CCG-only Regional Facilities and CCG Vessels.
4. Regional Operational Centre (ROC) is to be contacted in order to obtain and to provide the international contractor with regional incident specific standard operating procedures (ISSOPs).



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