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CCG/6102 National Standard Operating Procedure (NSOP)
515 COVID-19 - Issuance of Contractor Designation Letters During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Original: 2020-05-25 Revised: n/a Approved by Sam Ryan, Director General, Integrated Technical Services, on May 25, 2020.


This National Standard Operating Procedure (NSOP) details the steps to be followed for the issuance of the Contractor Designation letters requesting contractors be granted the ability to continue to conduct business and cross provincial and territorial borders as contractual goods/service providers to the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) as a first responder.


Procedure for identifying contractors to be issued Contractor Designation letters
Step Procedures
1. Applicable deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners and director generals are to consult with their management teams to determine which contractors may require a controlled copy of the Contractor Designation letter signed by the responsible Director. Careful consideration should be given to ensure the contractor is in fact providing/performing goods/services critical to ongoing CCG operations and that there is a reasonable expectation the contractor will need to remain open to conduct business at their premises, cross provincial or territorial borders to deliver the contracted goods/services to the CCG. Sub-contractors should be identified in the letter through the primary contractor.
  1. As the need for contracted goods and services may arise at short notice, the following information must be gathered for the issuance of a Contractor Designation Letter:
    1. 1.1. Contractor's name (official business name)
    2. 1.2. Sub-Contractor's name (official business name), if applicable
    3. 1.3. Contract number
    4. 1.4. Contract title
    5. 1.5. Contract end date
  2. Each letter must also be given a sequential number which is to be tracked at the issuing office.
  1. In National Headquarters (NHQ), a copy of the issued letters should be forwarded to the National Command Centre (NCC) ( with a cc to the National Emergency Coordination Centre (NECC) Director (
  2. In regions, a copy of the issued letter should be forwarded to the Regional Operations Centre (ROC) with a cc to the NCC ( and NECC Director (
Procedure for issuance of Contractor Designation letters
Step Procedures
1. The letter template provided via email from the Director is to be used for each letter issued to a contractor. Each contractor and/or sub-contractor that requires a designation letter should receive both an English and French copy of the letter.
2. To limit the need for person to person contact, letters should be emailed to the specified contractor for the contract in question with the contract end date clearly defined. The contract end date will automatically limit the validation period of the contractor's designation letter.
3. The contractor must provide a copy of the Contractor Designation letter to the contractor's employees that will be performing the work or traveling on behalf of the contractor to provide goods and/or services to the CCG. During their travel, if a contractor's employee encounters issues, they should call and alert the ROC using the phone number provided on the bottom of the designation letter with the details in order for the ROC to confirm the validity of the letter.
4. Furthermore, contractors must be instructed by their CCG contact that the letter is not to be used for any purpose other than travelling for providing/performing goods/services for CCG business. Letters are not transferable and are not to be duplicated by employees.
Procedure for validation and revocation of Contractor Designation letters
Step Procedures
1. Misuse of this letter will be considered a serious matter. Should a contractor be found to be using the designation letter for anything other than the intended purpose the letter may be revoked.
2. Should any contractor with a Contractor Designation Letter cease to be contracted by the CCG, the letter will be deemed null and void. The ROC shall be notified. The NCC shall be notified if at Headquarters.
3. The validity of the Contractor Designation Letter will expire based on the contract end date. If work is not complete, a new/updated letter must be issued by CCG for the contractor to remain designated during the period.


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