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CCG/6102 National Standard Operating Procedure (NSOP)
501 COVID-19 - All Hazard Risk Assessment for Requests for Assistance from Other Partners

Original: 2020-03-20 Revised: n/a Approved by Julie Gascon, Director General, Operations, on March 20, 2020.

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The purpose of this National Standard Operating Procedure (NSOP) is to outline the steps for Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) personnel to use in approving or rejecting requests for assistance for access/services from other federal, provincial, local or indigenous partners.


Procedure for all hazard risk assessment for requests for assistance from other partners
Step Procedure
1. Prior to approving or rejecting requests for assistance from other federal, provincial, local or indigenous partners, an all hazards risk assessment must take place.
2. Prior to close contact with any non-CCG personnel, refer to NSOP 502 - COVID-19 - Instructions for Rescue Specialist and Marine first Responders in Assisting a Suspected COVID-19 Patient, NSOP 519 COVID-19 - Hailing and Boarding Instructions for SAR Responders in an Open Vessel and Circular 21-2021: COVID-19 - Health Screening Questionnaire for Canadian Coast Guard Personnel and Visitors Accessing CCG-only Regional Facilities and CCG Vessels
  1. When assessing the risk of providing assistance to federal, provincial, local or indigenous partners, the methodology laid out in the site specific Risk Register should be used. The steps are as follows:
    • 1.1. context: who does this affect?
    • 1.2. identify hazards
    • 1.3. assess the risks (with no controls)
    • 1.4. controls (controls that are currently in place)
    • 1.5. re-assess the risks (with current controls)
    • 1.6. recommend new controls (which are designed to further reduce the risk)
    • 1.7. re-assess the risks
    • 1.8. proposed approach
    • 1.9. recommend options for national incident management team (NIMT) and regional incident management team (RIMT)
    • 1.10. approve or reject - Commissioner to sign; NIMT and RIMT to distribute decision
    • 1.11. monitor
  2. For guidance in completing the Risk Assessment, see CCG – Shore-Based Safety Management System Risk Assessment Sorting MatrixFootnote 1 and Risk Register Instruction Guide.
  3. The Risk Assessment sorting matrix (see Annex I) and a short-form worksheet (see Annex II).


Enquiries regarding this procedure should be directed to:

Annex I

Annex I - Risk assessment sorting matrix (PDF, 191 KB)

Annex II

Annex II - Short-form worksheet (PDF, 129 KB)

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