Careers with MCTS Iqaluit

As part of its ongoing recruitment campaign in the new Arctic region, the Canadian Coast Guard is seeking applicants and those interested in applying for a career working at the Marine Traffic Communications Services (MCTS) Centre in Iqaluit, Nunavut. The Coast Guard has also partnered with Frontier College to offer the opportunity for one-on-one tutoring to those interested in applying.

To give potential applicants and those interested a better idea of the work environment and duties, Coast Guard is offering tours of its MCTS Centre in Iqaluit on the following dates:

MCTS officers are the ears and eyes of Canadian maritime traffic, and are one of the first responses to vessels in distress. With our ears on the water, we provide distress and safety call monitoring and broadcast maritime safety information, such as weather and navigational warnings. With our eyes on the water, we monitor marine traffic and provide vessel traffic services to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vessels and marine environment conservation across Canada.

The MCTS Centre in Iqaluit operates from May to December annually, during the Arctic shipping season, and provides essential services to vessels travelling in Canada’s North.

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