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Bilateral Relations

The Canadian Coast Guard maintains strong relationships with many countries, including the United States. The Canada-US Coast Guard Summit is an annual event that allows senior leadership from both coast guards to discuss strategic and operational issues.

We also have an agreement with the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. It focuses on collaboration and training in:

Likewise, we have a longstanding agreement with the Korea Coast Guard to promote cooperation among our two agencies through a personnel exchange.

Since 2008, we have supported Chile's Maritime Instruction and Training Centre by providing an ice navigator. The navigator provides International Maritime Organization training on ships operating in polar waters.

Officer Cadets from the Canadian Coast Guard participate in the Japanese Exchange Program each year. Since 1996, this competitive program has exchanged Officer Cadets between the two agencies to share best practices. Japan Coast Guard Officer Cadets spend around seven days at the Canadian Coast Guard College and Canadian Coast Guard Officer Cadets spend 10 days at the Japan Coast Guard Academy.

We also maintain cooperation agreements with Denmark and Norway. This allows us to share knowledge and best practices on various issues.

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