Canadian Coast Guard Memorial Policy

The following documents the Canadian Coast Guard guidelines that will be followed to memorialize employees.


The Canadian Coast Guard will memorialize employees who died on duty per the criteria set out in this document.


A Memorial Committee will convene as required to review submissions for memorializing employees.

Memorial Committee Members

  • Deputy Commissioner – Convener and Chair
  • Executive Director CCG College – Records and precedent
  • Management Board member with line responsibility – Submission
  • Union Representative(s) as applicable – Employee representation
  • National Coast Guard Award and resource coordinator

A written submission to the Memorial Committee Chair will be made by the Management Board member who has line reporting relationship with the employee at the time of death or when the circumstances that led to his/her death took place. This will contain sufficient information and particulars to enable the memorial committee to effectively apply the established inclusion criteria. In instances where this relationship is not clear the committee chair will assign responsibility for preparing the submission.

The Commissioner will confirm the committee’s recommendation. Where the committee is unable to reach consensus, the Commissioner will make the final determination.


The following criteria will be applied in progressive order to determine eligibility for inclusion on the Canadian Coast Guard national memorial.

  1. The death must be related to performing duties relevant to the responsibilities of the Canadian Coast Guard.
  2. The deceased must have been employed in the Canadian Coast Guard or have been formally seconded to the organization at the time of death or when the circumstances that led to his/her death took place. Transport Canada pilots, engineers and Environment Canada Ice Service Specialists assigned to Coast Guard operations are deemed employed by the Coast Guard for the purpose of this policy.
  3. The death must be deemed compensable by the applicable provincial workers compensation board.

The Commissioner may, in exceptional circumstances, approve an exemption from the above criteria.

Regional Plaque

The Memorial at the Canadian Coast Guard College will be the sole monument erected for the purpose of memorializing Coast Guard employees. The names of deceased regional employees engraved on a standard memorial plaque displayed in each Coast Guard region will also be included on the national memorial.

Memorial Ceremony

Within a reasonable amount of time of the loss of an employee included in the above criteria, the Executive Director of the Canadian Coast Guard College will arrange a suitable ceremony on the grounds of the College to memorialize the employee. The plan for the ceremony will be developed in consultation with the responsible manager and submitted to the Memorial Committee for approval. The plan will include the invitation of immediate family members of the deceased whose associated travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the responsible manager.

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