Electronics and Informatics Technical Training

Our department offers technical training in the field of electronics and informatics specific to Canadian Coast Guard equipment and systems. Courses focus on maintenance and installation at our ship and shore-based sites and centres. This training is only available to:

  • electronics engineers
  • Canadian Coast Guard electronic systems technologists (classification EL)

To become an electronic systems technologist, you must take the Marine Electronics Development training course as part of your initial training.

All of our courses are delivered in French or English with French assistance as required. To sign up for one of these courses, speak to your Integrated Technical Services or Electronics and Informatics supervisor or manager.

Available courses

We offer maintenance and installation courses for land and vessel systems, as well as training courses for radio, radar and general installation.

Maintenance training for land systems

Our maintenance training for land systems includes these courses:

  • MTR2000 Radio Transceiver Maintenance
  • Automatic Identification System Maintenance
  • Information System on Marine Navigation Maintenance
  • Very High Frequency Digital Selective Calling System Maintenance
  • Radio Beacon and Differential Global Positioning System Maintenance

Maintenance training for vessel systems

Our maintenance training for vessel systems includes these courses:

  • Standard 20 Gyrocompass Maintenance
  • Satellite Communications System Maintenance
  • Fibre Optic Gyroscope Gyrocompass Maintenance
  • Ship’s Internal Communications System Maintenance
  • Ship’s Integrated Communications Platform Maintenance
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Maintenance

Ship radio inspector training

Training for ship radio inspectors includes the legislative course and an update course:

  • Ship’s Radio Inspection
  • Ship’s Radio Inspection: Update

Radar principles and maintenance training

Our radar training includes courses on:

  • Marine Radar Principles
  • Furuno Chart and ECDIS Radar
  • Visionmaster Radar Maintenance
  • Bridgemaster E Radar Maintenance


We also provide the following training courses:

  • Installation Fundamentals and Techniques
  • Communication Control System Maintenance
  • Electronic Chart Display and Information System Maintenance
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