Aids to Navigation

Marine Aids to Navigation Program, through various pieces of legislation, is mandated, though not obligated, to provide aids to navigation in the Central and Arctic Region in order to facilitate safe and expeditious movement of marine traffic.


Geographically, the Central and Arctic region covers almost two thirds of Canada. It includes Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Along with the Regional Office in Sarnia, Aids to Navigation in Central and Arctic Region are maintained from Coast Guard bases located at Prescott, Parry Sound, and Hay River, with subsidiary bases located at Amherstberg, Thunder Bay, Kenora, and Selkirk.

From these bases approximately 7100 short range fixed and floating aids to navigation such as buoys, ranges, radar beacons (RACONS) and lightstations are maintained for use by commercial, charter, and recreational boaters.