Marine Communications and Traffic Services (MCTS)

Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) Marine Communications and Traffic Services (MCTS) program provides marine safety communications and manages the movement of vessel traffic.

Through MCTS Centres located at Iqaluit, Prescott, Sarnia and Thunder Bay, the Canadian Coast Guard Central and Arctic Region provides MCTS services within the area comprised of the Arctic, Athabasca - Mackenzie watershed, Hudson Bay, Lake Winnipeg and the Great Lakes basin.

Employees working at the Marine Communications Centre

Primary services provided by MCTS Centres include:

  • monitoring international marine radio distress frequencies in order to detect distress or other calls indicating a vessel or person is in need of assistance
  • broadcasting marine weather information and notices to shipping concerning hazards to navigation
  • regulation the movement of commercial shipping in specified areas
  • screening ships entering Arctic waters to enhance the safe and efficient movement of maritime transportation and prevent pollution