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The four-year Canadian Coast Guard Officer Training Program (OTP) marks the beginning of an Officer Cadet's commitment to the Canadian Coast Guard. They are now a part of the national sovereign Fleet as employees of the Federal Public Service and their training is considered a full-time job. Officer Cadets are on probation for the entire training program and can be released at any time from the Public Service for not meeting the standards of the program. Officer Cadets are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner fitting that of an Officer.

The day begins with drill at 7:35am, with classes running from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Officer Cadets are expected to wear Canadian Coast Guard uniforms and participate in drill formation called Divisions. Officer Cadets are expected to be punctual, in proper dress and perform the drill in sync. Canada's national anthem is sung as part of the exercise.  Divisions aims to instill discipline and a take-charge attitude - essential qualities of leadership and team spirit needed to work toward a common goal. Divisions is also the time used to relay daily announcements to all Officer Cadets. In addition to this Monday to Friday schedule, occasionally classes and/or course requirements may also occur on the weekends.

Life on campus is simulated to resemble that aboard a ship as closely as possible. Officer Cadets live in close proximity to each other in clusters of eight. Officer Cadets have their own bedroom with a shared common room, and bathroom. Following the full day of classes, Officer Cadets can do further study, take advantage of the many activities the Wellness Centre offers, or take part in some of the other extra-curricular activities on campus such as charity events, or student council.

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