Cafeteria (The Galley)

Canadian Coast Guard College Cafeteria

Experienced chefs present a daily variety of expertly prepared meals. A pastry chef complements the menu with fresh baked breads and desserts. Also available are vegetarian choices and pre-arranged special dietary alternatives. During the summer, students, staff, and guests may choose outdoor seating and enjoy an occasional barbecue menu.

Exterieur dining area at the CCG College

The Galley dining area seats 220 guests. The staff is experienced in arranging and catering banquets, buffets and formal dining events.

College Cafeteria
Meals Hours Start at Hours End at
Breakfast (week days 06:45 08:15
Breakfast (weekends & holidays) 07:00 09:00
Coffee break 09:45 10:30
Lunch 11:30 13:00
Coffee break 14:30 15:00
Dinner 17:00 18:30
Evening snack (self-serve) 20:00 01:00
Dining Area of the college cafeteria

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